Refund My Shit Date was created as a PR activation for Alexina’s recent release Where Are All The Boys?

Where Are All The Boys? is a humorous, anthemic eye roll of a song recently released on Unity Records by Scottish bred singer, song-writer Alexina, about the tedium of the relentless cycle of shitty and unsuccessful dating.

“I think most of us have been there with terrible dates. I had a string of really bad ones last year and after the umpteenth date (where the guy insinuated that because he’d paid for a fancy dinner I should really take him up on his offer for a second date) I got in the bath, fed up, and wrote the lyrics for Where Are All The Boys? Music is a great platform for me to vent my frustration and when my long term creative collaborator Daisy King and I sat down to think up creative ideas for the song, we thought – how great would it be to create a space and community where people could vent theirs too. Refund My Shit Date was born almost instantly.”

The aim for Refund My Shit Date is to give back to those who have lost out to love, to provide a safe, anonymous space for people to let rip on their WORST DATE STORIES EVER and to create a platform where people can come together and laugh, cry and leave feeling a little better about life.

Where Are All The Boys? celebrates female power, shoots down misogyny and highlights the all too real trials and tribulations of modern dating. Listen here:


Total wasted on shit dates so far: £50,000,000,000,000,004,512,668,450,816.00